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Epsom – More Than Just a Derby

Epsom is a bustling market town just outside the suburbs of London, England. It sits in Surrey, to the South West of London. Great transport links and a hubbub of community spirit make this a very popular place to live, with great schools and thriving markets. While it is definitely close enough to benefit from what London has to offer, it also offers close links to the countryside, with magnificent Epsom Common, and nearby Nonsuch Park providing excellent green spaces.

A brief history of Epsom

Archaeological finds point to both prehistoric and roman occupation in the area, particularly in Ewell. The name Epsom comes from Anglo Saxon, meaning “Ebbi’s Ham” (ham meaning enclosure or settlement). A Saxon brooch has also been found in the area. In the Domesday book the settlement here is referred to as Evesham, and had 38 households, it continued as a rural community throughout the medieval period. In the early 17th Century the mineral properties of Epsom water were discovered, and Epsom became a popular spa town, becoming populated in the 18th Century by wealthy merchants, escaping from the crowds and diseases of London.

During this time, the racecourse was also developed. In 1789 the famous Oaks horse race was established, followed a year later by the Derby, both still firm fixtures on the annual British racing calendar. The arrival of the railways in the mid 19th Century meant that Epsom was a reasonable commuting prospect for the rising middle-classes, leading to rapid development. Throughout the 20th Century Epsom continued to grow, housing developments fueled by the excellent transport links in and out of London. Today it is a popular place to live.

What to do in Epsom

golf parkEpsom has a wide variety of attractions and things to do. Whether a long-term resident of Epsom or a visitor, there is plenty here to explore.

Shoppers can explore the mostly pedestrianized town center, but most will head to the Ashley Centre, a shopping mall housing more than 50 shops, with unique and independent stores nestled among the well known high street branches.

If you have children you definitely need to explore Hobbledown. It describes itself as a “mysterical farm park” home to the Hobbler people. Children can explore the fun and fantastical village, play and meet the animals. A rainy day can be spent in Once Upon A Time soft play, or the more active can see what’s on offer at the Rainbow Leisure Centre or Jungle Adventure Golf at the Horton Park Golf Club.

The Epsom Playhouse Theatre offers a range of local and touring productions, and always hosts a Christmas pantomime, or for film enthusiasts they also offer a summer film series. The Epsom Odeon multiplex of course provides all the latest blockbusters. The Derby Square has a range of restaurants and bars, mostly from the popular chains, but you can also seek out independent eateries, ranging from traditional English pubs to Indian or Nepalese restaurants.

No visit to Epsom would be complete without a visit to the famous Jockey Club Epsom Downs Racecourse. Their website provides all the information you might need to plan your day out, including a beginners guide to how the racing (and the betting) are operated.


All About Eptom Town Life

Epsom_Town_CentreEpsom is a rural town with plenty of farmland and friendly people. It was incorporated in the year 1727 and measures about six miles in length and one half miles in width.

Its neighbours include Pittsfield in the Northern side, Allenstown on the Southern side and Deerfield and Northwood to the east and west respectively. It is located in Merrimack County, New Hampshire.

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Introduction to Epsom History

Epsom as a name is derived from two words, “Ebbi” meaning Saxon woman, and “ham” which means asmall town or a village. The town is located fifteen miles to the southwest of London.

And very little is known about the earliest inhabitants of the town and it’s believed to be a home to Romans due to the existence of a Roman villa which stood next to old farm. During the 15th century, Epsom was just a small community located in a local village. Palace was built in the town and this led to demolition of the church and village to create space, but during the 1670s it was a gain demolished and and land sold to the farmland.

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Find the Best Slow Juicers in Epsom!

In this article, we will look at the best slow juicers you can buy. These have an advantage over centrifugal juicers in that they make quality juice. Searching on the web will return lots of slow juicers, which could be a bit overwhelming. So on this list, I have nailed it down to include only the best.

  1. Omega VRT350 Heavy Duty Dual-Stage Vertical Single Auger Low-Speed Juicer

Omega VRT350 Heavy Duty Dual-Stage Vertical Single Auger Low-Speed JuicerThe Omega VRT350 is definitely one of the best masticating juicers on the planet and the best slow juicers online. It has all the qualities you would expect in a slow juicer, and at the same time, it improves on those qualities.


  • Runs at 80rpm
  • Satin finish
  • Auto cleaning system
  • Compact base
  • 10-year warranty

Starting with the pulp, it comes out bone dry as with all slow juicers. This is important as it means you will be getting the maximum amount of juice every time (talk about being economical).

Additionally, the juice is of high quality. It is not watery as that you get on a centrifugal juicer.

When it comes to appearance, the Omega VRT350 is a good looking machine that you will love showing off on your kitchen table. Another plus is that it has a small footprint thereby taking less space.

It comes with a large feeding chute which is unlike most slow juicers as they have small chutes forcing you to spend a lot of time cutting, feeding and pushing.

Another notable advantage is the self-cleaning feature. There is a little thing that swipes the screen when the machine is in operation.

Even if you could try, it is difficult to fault the VRT350.

  1. Breville BJS600XL Fountain Crush Masticating Slow Juicer

brevilleLet’s welcome Breville to the slow juicers party with the BJS600XL. Although many claim it is so much like the Omega above (somehow a clone), the BJS600XL deserves its own place and respect because it is good.


  • Ultra quiet 240 watt motor spinning at 80rpm
  • 2 directional control
  • Two-step safety start
  • 10-year motor warranty

The outstanding advantage over the competition is its super quiet motor. It is nothing like the crop of juicers around that sound like a jet taking off.

Adding to this is that the BJS600XL does a good job in making juice. However, it only comes so close in quality to the machine it is meant to compete with, the Omega. But overall, the juice it makes is great.

Another advantage is the safety features the unit is equipped with. It will for example not start until all parts are in place. Additionally, it comes with overheat and overload protection.

If you do not have much space in your kitchen, then you will be glad to know that the BJS600XL has a small footprint and you will not have a hard time finding space for it.

When you are done juicing, you will love the juicer for being so easy to clean.

If you are planning on buying a slow juicer, I’d urge you to take a look at these two first or you can read about the best slow juicers  online and reviews that can really help you narrow down your search at

Hunting In Epsom: How to Setup a Trail Camera for a Successful Hunting Trip

If you want to have a successful hunting trip in Epsom, it’s important that you setup the trail camera properly. You expect to place a camera on a tree and have a deer walk past. Take your time by following the steps noted below so as to generate better photos for an enjoyable scouting and hunting experience.

Choose the Right Trail Camera

One of the main reasons people fail with trail cameras is because they choose the wrong types for their needs. There are so many different types to choose from that are good for different things. How wide do you need the camera to be able to take photo? Will you need night time photos? Is it important that it can take videos? How about having wireless access to the camera? Then you have things to think about like which brand to choose? How much to pay? and more. Those are all important questions that you need to think about before you take your trip so reading some trail camera reviews (e.g. is always a good idea or just go to Google and try to figure out what you are after.

A successful hunting trips starts with the right trail camera so before you read on make sure you have that part covered.

Choose a Good Location

Sincerely speaking, you won’t hunt anything if there isn’t anything to hunt. You need to pick a location that is frequented by deer at that specific time of year. For example, an area with a waterhole during the summer, source of food during the winter, or a large scrape during the rut.

Consider an Area with a High Traffic of Deer

After determining the right location, narrow it down to high traffic areas. Search for the main trails that lead to the water or food source. Additionally, check for the animal tracks at sites such as the muddy bank of a creek or pond, a fence line along a bean-field in the summer, or a much loved hard-hit mineral site during the spring. Focus on setting up trail cameras in an area that is most likely to be crossed by the deer.

Position the Cameras at a Height That Is At Least at the Level of Your Head

It is thought that deer are less likely to notice trail cameras that are setup at least 6-ft above the ground. If the camera is placed at a lower height, it may be right in the face of the deer. In such a case, some deer may avoid it, thereby causing the hunting trip to be unsuccessful. Placing your camera up and angling it downwards can greatly improve your odds.

Wireless Trail Camera

Consider using a wireless trail camera for easy access of information about the area being hunted. Wireless trail camera has the option to send images and video straight to your phone or computer which allows you live information instead of going to the location to see the result from your scouting.

Position the Camera in the Right Direction

Ensure that your camera doesn’t directly face into the sunset/sunrise. If you setup the camera facing in the sunset or sunrise, you will get unclear, whited-out or blurred photos due to the intense glare of the sun. It is best to face the trail cameras south or north but not in the west or east.

Additionally, orient the cameras at an angle of 45 degrees to the direction of the trail. Besides providing you with a wide view, it also helps to keep the camera out of the face of the deer to avoid spooking it (the deer).

Setup The Trail Camera Such That It’s Able to Take Photos of the Deer without Them Knowing

It’s a well-known fact that deer are at all times on alert & looking out for possible danger. Nevertheless, the objective of trail cameras is to get the photos of deer without them noticing. You can hide the camera in a pile of bush, and not on a single tree in the open.

Choose the Camera Settings Wisely

The settings you choose can play a big role in the success of your hunting trip in Epsom. You should choose the settings basing on your current hunting situation. You can use the video mode or burst mode if the camera is out of the main line of sight of the deer. Don’t use either of these modes if the arrangement is more likely to be picked up by the deer. Be aware that deer can still sense infrared even though it (the infrared) isn’t supposed to spook them. Additionally, if your trail camera includes the Infrared Sensor setting, ensure that its sensitivity is set to low for areas that have a lot of grass or brush, and high for open areas.


Setting up trail cameras can serve you two purposes; that is, recording the deer on the hunting ground as well as extending your hunting season by creating a challenge of hunting using cameras during the summer period. Use the tips noted above to set up trail cameras properly for a successful hunting trip in Epsom.

Elliptical Machines in Epsom and The Local Gym

Here in Epsom we have some great gyms with all the latest fitness equipment, such as elliptical trainers, rowing machines, treadmills, and so forth. Due to demand I have decided to put down a small guide on how you can benefit the most from using the elliptical at our local gym.

Elliptical at the local gym
People working out at the Epsom Gym using the Elliptical and treadmill

Some usefull information about Elliptical Machines

Elliptical machines burn off a lot of calories per hour and are popular since they’re low impact. With proper exercise type and when used correctly, it might tone the abdominal muscles of your heart as well as your glutes. By working out your center and consistently burning off calories, you will be well in your approach to flattening your abs. Slouch forwards and don’t get idle, however, or else ab muscles and the glutes will not work to their maximum efficacy.

In our gym we have two types of premium elliptical machines that are top of the line machines that offer a smooth and effective training, The Precor EFX 5.23 and the Precor EFX 5.33.

Here are some tips on how to use Elliptical Machines at the gym

Let lumbar spine and your end stay in a neutral posture; tend not to stick your buttocks outside behind you. Compress your glutes.

Step 2
Warm up for 5 minutes in a slow speed, gradually upping your speed and resistance amount before you start to sweat. Press to the pedals along with your heels.

Catch hold of the arms that are moving and improve your speed to some moderate to vigorous intensity, according to your level of fitness. In the event you’re a beginner, stick to some reasonable intensity which allows one to talk with comparative ease. Slide your feet as much back as you can work your glutes and while maintaining the body upright to maximize hip extension. Rotate the pedals by shoving with your heels, not the balls. Stay in the elliptical for half an hour.

Catch hold of the fixed and reduce your rate handles again to get a cool down. Shorten slowly lower resistance amount and your steps.

Enter if needed, your weight, duration and strength right into a calorie calculator to find out exactly how much calories you really burned off and change your duration or intensity.


Hard Water Problem in Epsom Households

hardwaterLike in most other towns that are located in the north of Surrey, Epsom town also suffers from hard water. Most households that use water from private wells and also many other homes have hard water in their water supply. The hard water problem is very common in both England and United States.

Water becomes hard as it accumulates a high level of minerals, magnesium and calcium in particular. This water poses quite a few problems for your household, starting from shortening the lifespan of the appliances and plumbing fixtures to negatively affecting your hair and skin.
Epsom town and the surrounding area are rich in soils and rocks in the bedrock from which the water picks up the hard minerals. Water is a very good solvent, so it easily picks up the minerals and carries to your home’ s water supply line. It dissolves only a very small amount of minerals and most of them holds in its solution.
So most of the households in Epsom are dealing with this issue. If you are not sure if the water that you use in your home is hard or not, you can either get a special testing kit that would measure the precise level of hardness or perform a test with the use of just some simple tools at home. With the second option you won’t know the exact level of water hardness, but you will be able to tell if the water in your home is hard or not.

Sometimes you can even understand if you have hard water by just examining your home. For example, you might see that the water you use does not lather soap that well and you will see the water leaving spots on glasses and dishes when they dry. Hard water also leaves film on shower heads, sinks, faucets and bathtubs. Less evident results of hard water running through the house include formation of scale in the plumbing fixtures and appliances. As a result you will get a shorter lifespan of the appliances and with time a decreased water flow from the pipes.

Epsom is also popular for its salt that is found in the minerals springs in this area. These mineral springs are praised for their miraculous healing properties. Epsom Salt has a mineral name Epsomite. This mineral forms from saline springs. In Epsom these salt deposits commonly occur among hot springs.

One of the common solutions for treating the hard water and making it soft is with the use of a water softener. These special units use an ion exchange process, in which it removes from the water calcium and magnesium. So if your home is suffering from hard water, the best option for you to solve this issue is to obtain a water softening system. On Water Softener Center you can find suggestions and guide on how to find the best water softener for your home. As there is quite a big variety of them, it’s important to understand how to choose the right one for your needs. On that site you can also find out more information on how these units work and the whole process how they soften the water.

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Practical Green Travel Tips in Epsom

green-travel-smallOne of the main thing we in Epsom think is a very important part of our legacy is the green environment we offer our tourists. Epsom is therefore very good for those looking for green travel.

Green travel is actually a lifestyle and all trips can be green holidays. It is all about living your day-to-day life even when you travel to a city. In addition, because travel can create too much impact on the environment, frequent travelers who know green travel tips in cities are in a position to make a difference.

Whatever is your purpose for traveling, embracing green travel is easy when you both have the knowledge and the motivation to travel green. What are the practical green travel tips in cities that you can use?

Here are some smart, easy eco-friendly travel tips to make your trip a little easier on the planet.

  • Attend green gyms: If you plan to stay in shape on your travels you might want to consider our green gym down at Albany Garden. A new concept that incorporates outdoor activity with gym equipment that uses less power than normal equipment. The gym is still equipped with some excellent machines such as bikes, rowing machines, elliptical machines, and more. The Kettler Axos Cross is excellent when it comes to saving energy and offers great workout while the Horizon Fitness (this type) is being run on a solar panel to safe energy. For more information you should visit our green gym if you plan to visit Epsom.

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Epsom Golf Course A Must See: From the Golf Hitting Range to the Club House

Epsom Golf Course
Epsom Golf Course with view over London

If you ever manage to get to Epsom, the one thing you need to do is to go to the local golf course. It is amazing with its inspiring views over London. It is an 18 hole that plays 5,780 yards with great holes that will test your skills as a golfer.  The Epsom Golf Club is filled with history, dating back 125 years of tournament play.

No two holes are alike and you have to play through challenging trees that block view and make the fairways narrow. The greens are also well known for their fast speed and tricky hole-positions.

Training Facility and Hitting Nets

Epsom also has a great range where you can hit golf balls into golf nets that are over 200 yards across the field, custom installed with the help of our golf net expert over the Golf Spy who helped us find a retailer that installed some great golf netting. So make sure you arrive on time to warm up and get those bogeys out of your system before your play starts.

Overall it is a fun course that you can enjoy over a weekend with your family or friends as a part of your visit to Epsom. Just make sure to book your tee times in advanced to make sure you can get the times that you want.

Green fees

The green fees are moderate so you will not have to pay too much to enjoy the course – about $40-50 depending on which day you choose to go, and at what hours.


Choosing The Best Running Shoes For Women In Epsom

Gel-Nimbus-141Tourists visiting Epsom can experience nature and enjoy stunning landscapes running in the camaraderie of exercising enthusiasts. Whether in winter or summer, running is an amazing outdoor activity in Epsom ( The Royal Derby is the most popular).

Before embarking on this recreational exercise, it’s important to assess your physical stamina and fitness and then shop for the best running shoe for women in Epsom.

Choosing the appropriate shoe is a process that involves style, comfort and matchmaking – such as the ASICS Women Gel Nimbus 14. The right shoe should give you complete comfort and performance.

What To Consider Before Buying

Choose your hiking or running destination from a list of trails in Epsom. Your taste and season will determine the type of running shoe to buy. It’s important to understand your feet in terms of sensitivity especially after running through wet conditions or rugged terrains. This will help you to know if to buy a stiffer sole shoe or a shoe with waterproof and breathable membrane.

What To Look For In Running Shoes

Always choose a shoe that is supportive and commensurate with the running sites in Epsom. A beefy backpacking shoe is not recommended especially when running during the day for example, unless it’s the only shoe that is comfortable to your feet. Ensure that the shoe fits perfectly with enough space to allow the feet to swell during running but the room need not be too large because the feet could slide inside after sweating.

A good running shoe should provide a firm grip when running in different terrains – in wet fields and muddy grounds. If you are running during wet weather, choose women waterproof shoes that will insulate your feet against cold conditions. The shoe should also be able to release mud. Any extra weight on the feet can make the entire running experience very tedious and messy. If you are running during summer, shop for heavy-duty shoes that have breathable liners because your feet require adequate ventilation so that they don’t accumulate lots of sweat.

Buy a light shoe that supports your preferences and affordable. Get more information on quality and price from online Epsom stores for women shoes.

Different Types Of Running Shoes

Epsom stores are filled with various types of running shoes for women and it can be fun especially for tourist when shopping. Your feet will thank you if you buy a pair of shoe that is of high quality. Read reviews from customers who have shopped for running shoes in Epsom before to better understand the different types of running shoes available in town.

  1. Light Running Shoes

These running shoes look like the burly athlete boots. They have a flexible mid-sole and good for running during the day. This shoe is designed for long distant journeys and made of super light backpackers. Walking or running light feels good and this is the shoe that will help you feel that.

  1. Mountain Shoes

If you love to run on hills or mountainous locations, the mountaineering shoe is perfect for you. This shoe is made of tough material and is very durable. It’s designed with a mid-sole and can accommodate crampons for glacier terrains.

  1. Hiking Boots

You can choose either mid-cut or high-cut models for your day time running. Unlike the stout models, these shoes are not very supportive or durable, but they flex easily during running. For more information, check online sites for specialist running shoes for women shops in Epsom. These are great sites for tourists who love running while they enjoy the many beautiful attractions in Epsom.